Medical Oxygen Generator


Number of hospitals equipped


Source : Medigham, based on public reports and analysis provided by members for countries they are active on.

Note : not exhaustive list of hospitals equipped with O2 PSA solutions, only illustrative to preserve confidentiality..




“After installing a PSA generator on site in 2005, Hospital Samaritana, Bogota reduced their average monthly cost on liquid oxygen supply by 50%.”

Christian Hansen

Project Manager, Chaher Ltda.


“Our hospital has an operational and functional medical oxygen generator since 2009. The produced medical oxygen is supplied to the General Wards (Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Surgery & Pay Wards) as well as to the CCU-ICU, NICU, PICU, SICU, OB-ICU and cancer center. The very constant purity of the produced medical oxygen has avoided us any untoward experiences. The medical oxygen generator has brought enormous savings of more than 40% to our hospital compared to the former supply by oxygen cylinders. These savings have even significantly increased due to continuously rising prices for medical oxygen cylinders.”

Helen B. De Peralta

Chief of Hospital III

Cotabato Regional and Medical Center (CRMC), Cotabato City – The Philippines


“The Emergency County Clinical Hospital Sibiu has four medical oxygen generators in operation since 2009. The plants supply the required medical oxygen to the 1.054 beds as well as the intensive therapy units of our hospital. The medical oxygen produced by the medical oxygen generators is used for the same medical applications as the previously used cryogenic oxygen with the same clinical results.”

Gheorghe Presecan

Administrative Manager

Emergency County Clinical Hospital Sibiu – Romania




“There is a continuous control of the oxygen produced by the PSA oxygen generator system installed…”

Dr Gerard Alvado 

M.D Aneaesthetist 

Hôpital MCO de Bayeux, France


“Bayeux hospital is in the city center and the supply of oxygen posed a real problem; cold winters and heavy snow made the supply really difficult during these periods…”

Dr Didier Lemoine

M.D Pharmacist

Hôpital MCO de Bayeux, France


“The reconstitution of the oxygen on site allows us to annually save approximately 50 000€….”

Mr Alain Quinquis


Hôpital MCO de Bayeux, France

Watch the video with testimonials from Bayeux hospital in France



“Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem maintains one of the largest respiratory care units in Israel, with over 120 patients of all ages on ventilators as well as many others requiring supplemental oxygen. The mean flow of oxygen is over 50 cubic metres of O2 per hour. Needless to say with those numbers of patients dependent on a continuous supply of oxygen and air, the reliability of the system is of cardinal importance.” More…

Yehezkel Caine M.D.


Director General

Herzog Hospital – Israel


“The Emergency County Hospital Bistrita Nasaud with 1.197 beds installed a medical oxygen generator in 2010. The produced medical oxygen is supplied to all wards and to the intensive therapy units of the hospital. The medical oxygen generator has demonstrated maximum safety during exploitation and provides the necessary medical oxygen with optimum parameters for all the clinical procedures. An oxygen analyzer permanently controls the oxygen purity and no failures during operation have been encountered so far.”

Patca Paul

Chief Administration Officer

Emergency County Hospital, Bistrita Nasaud – Romania


“Our company has been installing and servicing PSA oxygen generators with considerable success in Iran since 2003. The introduction of the unique modular PSA oxygen generators, allowing us easy plant expansion and instant adaptation to customer requirements, has increased our dominating market share with over 500 systems installed so far. We have selected our PSA partner because of their superior product quality, their loyalty and their continuous support to increase our business.”

Dr. Majid Sadat

Managing Director

Raouf Medical Equipment, Tehran – Islamic Republic of Iran